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Wireless Fence Sign

If you're digging for an affordable and convenient wireless fence sign, you've come to the right place, the lp 3000 surge protector and controller make it straightforward to get your Sign up and started right away. You'll be able to create custom signs and messages with your team, read battery life data of your fence Sign without ever having to leave your living room, and more, plus, the invisible fence will keep your home safe and clean, which always a plus.

Wireless Fence Sign Ebay

The wireless fence Sign is an invisible fence Sign that provides a key logger and 75 controller, it can monitor and protect your fence against trespassers and theft. The Sign also features an 3000 surge protector and a digital read-out to help you keep track of your fence, the wireless fence Sign extends an invisible fence Sign technology which allows you to control and monitor your fence from any where in your home. The Sign presents a tomato color and it is produced of durable metal, the wireless fence Sign is an invisible fence Sign that gives a Sign up interface. It grants an 50-meter signal range and can communicate with other fences with signal strengths of up to 100 relayed, the fence Sign can also be programmed to send signals to other fences when it is close to be along the boundary. The wireless fence Sign imparts an invisible fence technology that allows you to restrict access to your property in a substitute that is never seen before, this Sign uses an 75 controller and 3000 surge protector to protect your fence from surges and power disruptions. It is fabricated from durable metal that will never lose its cut.