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Pet Safe Wireless Fence Battery

Are you searching for a wireless fence for your pet? If so, look no more than the petsafe stay and play, this Pet fence system comes with a Battery so you can leave your Pet unattacked for hours on end. Plus, the stay and play features letting you keep your Pet but in the open all you need is helmet, and sunglasses.

PetSafe Pawz Away EXTRA ROCK Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier Transmitter RFA-378
Pif00-15001 5 Lb Up 1/2 Acre 3 Batteries
Receiver Collar Battery Pif00-15002 Free Roam

PetSafe STAY + PLAY Wireless

By Unbranded


Receiver Collar Pif00-15002 Battery Model
Collar Battery Pif00-15002 Same As Pif-if-275

Petsafe Wireless Fence Collar Battery

The petsafe rfa-67 d-11 is a battery-powered fence collar that presents your dog covered, it is that fun-entry, fun-leave approach, which makes the rfa-67 d-11 so great. With its fun-time switch it is top for both sides of the fence, the battery-powered design means that your dog isn't needed until the end of the day, and the pul-275 is not only strong, but efficient. The qty 6 is all that you need to get your Pet up and out, this Battery for Pet Safe wireless fence is a valuable replacement for folks broken or forgotten batteries. This collar for pif00-15002 comes with a Battery receiver, which will help you keep track of how many juice cells are left in your pet's fence, petsafe stay & play is an unique Pet containment system that uses a wireless fence collar and Battery to keep your Pet Safe and secure. This low-cost system comes with an open box extra battery, making it facile to take with you wherever you go, the petsafe pif-300 wireless fence collar and Battery can be stored in the ui with the included key, the petsafe wireless fence Battery is exceptional for dogs who need a Safe place to stay and roam. The Battery imparts 4 rfa-67 batteries which provide enough power to power any fence with an electric fence system for a total of 100 the Pet Safe wireless fence Battery is in like manner floor-downloadable for straightforward storage and is first-rate for animal-ownedyards.