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Petsafe Wireless Fencing

This is a wireless fence that holds your animals safe and shock collars with you as the only one you can trust, you can be sure that your animals are well-protected and your home as a place to rest and relax. This dog fence is an outstanding solution for suitors times when you can't go home and your dog is just waiting for a fight.

Ultralight Collar Receiver And Free Strap Pul-275
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Petsafe Stubborn Dog Wireless Fence

The Petsafe wireless fence transmitter is excellent for boundary dogs, this device can be used in a variety of ways to help keep your pet safe and secure. For example, you can use it to send a message to a friend's dog that will let them know that you're close by, alternatively, you can use it to send a dog aware of a break in your fence line a notification that they are. and finally, you can use it to send a warning to a dog that is are present in your fence line, the used Petsafe wireless fence short is a top-notch surrogate for admirers who desire their furry friends, but don't want to worry about leaving their dog or fence for long periods of time. The short-term sensors and alerts let you keep an eye on your dog without leaving its peace while you're away on vacation, our dog safe wireless fence receiver peerless for dogs that are scouring for a quiet, peaceful life. This excellent dog receiver renders a collared design so you can, the Petsafe wireless fence receiver is an outstanding substitute to keep your pet safe and keep all of your communication close to you. This top grade for families who are busy and need to keep all of their communication close to them.