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Petsafe Wireless Fence Transmitter

The Petsafe wireless fences transmitters are sterling for dog fences! They are uncomplicated to handle and protect your property from pets and abuse, making them a splendid invention for a safe and secure home, the wireless fence Transmitter is excellent for dogs, are low cost, and is excellent for individuals who yearn to be able to monitor their property from any where in the world.

Transmitter And Charger Only Rfa-554 Tested
Transmitter 300-3078 Unit Only
Extra Transmitter Model: 300-1070
Transmitter Only Mod 300-3078 - No Power Cord
Transmitter Charger & Mount Rfa-554a

PetSafe - Stay & Play

By PetSafe


- Transmitter Only - Rfa443 - Open Box
Transmitter 300-3078 W/ Power Cord Tested
Transmitter Pif00-13210

24V AC Adapter For PetSafe

By UpBright®


Petsafe Wireless Fence Extra Transmitter

Petsafe wireless fence extra Transmitter is designed to help keep your pet safe and secure while you are away on your travels, this innovative product renders been designed with safety in mind, providing an extra Transmitter that can be added to your home's wire line to provide an extra layer of security for your pet. The Transmitter can be used to broadcast a signal to an open area through a clear barrier, allowing your pet to be seen by others without having to walk through a clear area to see them, additionally, the Transmitter can be used to broadcast a signal to your home's com connection to allow your pet to be seen by others without using a cable or satellite tv. The Petsafe wireless fence Transmitter is first-rate for animals in a safe and secure environment, this equipment is designed to let you communicate with your dog without ever leaving your household. The Transmitter features a built-in transceiver which, this Transmitter offers a built-in security system that contains all the ingredients of a good fences work: secure communication, straightforward use, and safe storage. The Transmitter is compatible with most wireless networks, and can even be used with phone or computer notifications to ensure that you're in the game while your pet is working, this low-cost product comes with an 300-3078 number of its own, so you can always keep an eye on your fur-ball while they take in the world.