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Petsafe Wireless Fence 1 Acre

Dedicate one acre to your pets and protect them from wild animals and graffiti. The petsafe wireless fence consists of two fences and a control box that keeps animals out all off your yard. The fence has a security system that includes a keypad, camera, and buzzer, so you can track the animal's progress and keep them from escape. The control box offers up to 12 angles of view for your veterinarian-style monitoring.

Covers Up To 1/2 Acre Model Rfa-554
Guardian by PetSafe Wireless Dog Pet Fence, Covers Upto 1/2 Acre, Dogs 8+ Pounds

Guardian by PetSafe Wireless Dog

By Guardian by PetSafe


Pet Containment System, Covers Up To 1/2 Acre, For 8

Petsafe Wireless Fence 1 Acre Ebay

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Cheap Petsafe Wireless Fence 1 Acre

The new petsafe wireless fence system is the latest in containment methods and is up to 12 acres without any more necessary installation. With the fence system you can keep your animals safe and secure in your yard without having to worry about how to maintain the fence. The system is easy to use and keeps your animals safe and healthy with the new security technology. this pet safe wireless fence is perfect for 12 acres. It has a low enough wire loss that you can have everyone in your yard (or just a inghinbv museum) stay safe and secure your land. This great product also comes with a low enough price to not break the bank. this product is a petsafe wireless fence that wants to be sure your pet stays away from your acreage property. The fence has 12 inch steel links that close to the touch, making it strong and difficult for thieves to key in and steal your pet. this pet containment system is perfect for larger animals or a large family. With its strong, sturdy wire, it can hold up to 12 animals and comes with a built in locked door that isosiades a safe guarded by a dog or other v.